MTB Brittany Cup

MTB Brittany Cup, in Andel, (22) Brittany, France , on 5 July

13 riders from the Moore sponsored ‘Jersey Cycling Association Youth Academy’ travelled to the small but well known mtb race venue in Andel, in Cotes D’Armor, to compete in one of the Brittany Cup competitions.

The youngest, Liam Cadoret, Taylor Harrison and Sam Nisbett, faced some tough competition in a field of 25 Breton riders, and had to work their way up the field of riders, having had been gridded at the back on the start line. All three boys showed great determination , with Nisbett falling off on a sketchy rooty section, but picking himself up to finish 19th. Liam also and Taylor had a fantastic race , keeping their line on the testing windy single tracks and off camber sections of  the 5km  course, finishing 15th and 16th respectively. 

Within the same race, were Dylan Evans, Malo Monpetit-Le brun and Zack Hamon, who were gridded even further back at the start and also had to fight their way through the field of riders. All 3 handled the twisty turns and rooty sections skillfully , with Malo getting to 2nd place  before the end of lap one, with Zack and Dylan following steadily behind , although  Dylan struggled to get past some of the slower riders. Malo managed to get to first position by the start of lap 2, building a gap from the pack, and crossed the finish line a good 30 seconds ahead. Zack  showed skill and kept up a good tempo, finishing 7th, with Dylan crossing the line 15 seconds behind him, in 9th position. 

The girls’ race was a fast and furious 2 lap event, with once again our Jersey riders being placed at the back on the start line. Emily Bridson was on excellent form and stormed off the start, getting past the other riders while still on the grassy slopes, to then pace it skillfully through the wood sections.  Emily never looked back and built  a sizeable gap, finishing a good 30 seconds ahead of other riders. Harley also had a good start, following Emily, and showed brilliant effort, holding onto 3rd place for the majority of the race, despite crashing on a slippery section in lap 1. She was unfortunate to suffer a second crash in a tricky rocky section close to the finish line, causing her to lose one placing  to finish 4th, just missing out on a podium position. Aimee Lutz also showed brilliant technical skills  but struggled to get past slower riders on the twisty single track, fisnishing a commendable 5th.  

The ‘Minimes’(13 and 14 year olds) were off next, numbering 28 riders, all of whom were familiar with the course, making this a challenge for Jersey’s Elliott Stead and Jay Liron. Both worked their way up the field over their 3 lap race, displaying excellent skill, with Jay managing to hold on to his team mate for the first and a half lap, after which Elliott pulled away, working his way up to finish 5th overall, with  Liron finishing 8th;  a great result for both riders.

Our 2 older riders on Jersey the team , Tom Le Rougetel and Luc Monpetit-LeBrun, were up against the ‘Cadets’ class (15 and 16 year olds), numbering 30 riders, in a hot and fast 1.15 hour race.  Once again, starting at the back, our riders had to hurry to get ahead on the grassy slopes, before getting into the fast single track of the woods. Monpetit-LeBrun used his race experience to pick riders one by one and was in the top 10 by the time he reached the technical, rooty tracks. Tom rode steadily and managed to get to 20th, until he suffered a puncture. Managing to run back to the pit area by the start, he fixed his bike with some outside assistance, and jumped back into the race, finishing 25th. Luc revelled in the technical sections but was hampered by other riders who were running ‘A’ lines , and not riding them, to perform well by finishing 8th overall. 

The riders thank Moore for their support and the JCAYA and coaches who accompanied them to Brittany to gain valuable off island racing experience.    JCAYA MTB France

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