Final Wednesday Evening Sessions & Charity Event

Final Wednesday Evening Sessions & Charity Event
01 September 2014

Due to the evenings drawing in the final Wenesday Evening cycling sessions at Les Quennevais will take place this Wednesday 3rd September.

Evening Agenda

We will be starting with our last track time trial in age groups, whilst others will be busy in their areas.

This final week we have a charity event that we would like to support. This year was Dilly Percival’s 50th birthday (never) so she set herself a target to do 50 challenges raising as much money as possible for the JERSEY STROKE ASSOCIATION and the JERSEY CLIC SERGEANT BRANCH (cancer, leukaemia in children). Hugh Percival (Dilly’s son used to be a member) so on Wednesday evening we would like to get perhaps 50 (or more) JCAYA members to do a one mile (one lap) around Les Quennevais track in groups 10. It is hoped the members coule wear their JCAYA kit with a touch of pink or CLIC or/and purple for the Stroke Association.

It would be good to receve whatever donation is possible and it has been suggested that this could hopefully be a £5.00 donation from each rider to go towards both charity’s, i.e. £2.50 each. Many thanks in advance.

This will be followed by the presentations for the Wednesday series events….and perhaps something else!

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