What is the JCAYA?
Details of the Jersey Cycling Association Youth Academy can be found under the The Academy section of this website. This includes full details of our Vision and Goals, Values and Conduct, Objectives and Training Development.

When does the youth academy meet?
For younger riders the club meets on a Wednesday evening during the summer months at the Frank Machon cycle track at Les Quennevais sports ground. Training sessions plus mini races and time trials are held. The first meeting at the track will normally be on the 1st Wednesday in May, sign on from 17:30 for an 18:00 prompt start. In the Spring, Autumn and Winter months a series of mountain Bike races are held with U6, U8, U10, U12 and U13 age groups as of 1st January. As the children progress through the age groups more training and racing events are held including Inter-Insular and various off island events plus our home grown Town Centre Criterium. Full details of all racing events are shown on the Events Calendar & Results page.

What is the youngest age for joining the youth academy?
There is no minimum age limit, but your child must be able to ride a bike safely on their own and over a respectable distance…as a rough guide children aged 5 to 6 are the minimum acceptable age and the ability to ride one lap of the Frank Machon Cycle Track at Les Quennevais is a good guide.

What is the maximum age for an academy member?
Members must be aged under 18.

How do I become a member?
A cyclist can try their first session at no cost. Thereafter a £3.00 fee applies for a training session or a race meeting. However, we strongly encourage those interested in regular attendance to join the academy as a member since annual membership is just £50 (with discounted rates for siblings). Please see the Membership page where details of the costs are shown.

How do I buy the JCAYA cycling kit?
The excellent quality cycling kit is available to purchase by all members at a heavily discounted price. Please see the items, prices and where to obtain it under our Kit section of the Membership page for details.

I believe the JCAYA may provide a loan bike?
A limited number are available, please see the Loan Bike section under the Membership page for details.

I understand that the academy is able to provide some assistance towards travel costs. Are there any restrictions?
Please see the Travel Subsidies section under the Membership page for details.

I am aware that riders are selected to compete in events, how does this work?
Please see the Selection Criteria details listed under the Membership page.

What age bands do JCAYA members compete under?
The academy follow British Cycling (BC) age groups except for when competing in British Schools Cycling Association (BSCA) events. The age groups are as follows:

British Cycling Age Bands (BC) – Age on 1st Jan

A = 14-15 (A2 = 15 , A1 = 14)
B = 12-13 (B2 = 13, B1 = 12)
C = 10-11 (C2 = 11, C1 = 10)
D = 8-9 (D2 = 9, D1 = 8)
E = 6-7 (E2 = 7, E1 = 6)

British Schools Cycling Association (BSCA) – Age on 1st Sep (start of school year).

U7 / U9 / U11 / U13 / U15 / O15

Can I race on the track or on the road in adult competitions and if so at what age?
Coaches at the club will advise if it is suitable for you to ride alongside adults. In any case minimum age limits will apply and you must have parental/guardian permission. To ride on the road you must be 16 or over. To ride in Time Trial or Hill Climb events you must be 13 or over (or younger if accompanied by an escort rider – subject to the race organisers permission). To ride on the Frank Machon Cycle Track at Les Quennevais you must be 13 or over.

Who is on the Committee and how can I contact them?
Please see the Contact section where the names and roles are listed plus a general e-mail address that can be picked up by all Committee members. Please e-mail: info@jcaya.org

How does the academy ensure that my child is dealt with safely and responsibly?
Please take a look at our Child Protection & Safety page for details.

Do any members have any bikes or items they want to buy or sell?
See the Sales & Wants page.